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Why should you be listed here?
As a graduate of the Louisville School of Massage and a Massage Therapist, you may very well find yourself working at more than one location and even more likely changing jobs until you find the one you really like. Being listed in this or any directory allows your clients to more easily follow throughout your career. Keep in mind that in most cases it may be illegal and unethical for you take any client information with you when leaving a position, but your clients can remember you forever!
The process to have yourself listed is very simply: submit your work info as you see it in other listings along with your state license or certification number. All basic listings are free, but donations will help support the site. Whenever donations are received, a
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Rates are very affordable:

For Licensed (Kentucky) or Certified (Indiana) Massage Therapists:
Basic Listing: $25.00 (suggested) per year will give you a basic listing for one year. This listing can include the number of the company you may be working at, but not the name of the company itself, unless it is your own. Any time you need to update the listing simply use the contact page and email the new info, in most cases it will be updated within 24 hours. If you want personal business or work related websites listed, the donation is required. The reason for this is that every time a site links to yours, it adds to its’ credibility and potential for advancing in search engine rankings.

Premium Listing: $50 per year will place you above all basic listings, display a logo and additional information.

Super Listing: $99.00 per year will give you an entire page of detailed information of your services, experience and images as well as placement in the Premium category.

For businesses:
$99.00 per year will give you a basic listing for one year which may also include a link to your website.
$199.00 per year will give your company an entire page of detailed information which may include photos of your facility. Additional pages are available for $99 each.

All basic listings will be posted within 48 hours of payment and verification of license/certification. Full pages may take as long as one week depending on content and any changes you may need.

Please use the
Contact page to begin the process. At anytime, feel free to click on the ‘donation’ button on the right which will take you to PayPal so you can finish the transaction.